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10 September 2018
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Vitruvian Man Pendant


Perhaps the most famous design in the world becomes tangible and wearable. Thanks to the intuition of a craftsman friend, Fernando, who commissioned this small pendant. A tiny sculpture to wear, light and full of a magical and eternal meaning.

Available in Silver 925 and bronze (also 18 kt Gold on request)

** Including black cord (in combination with the silver pendant) or brown (in combination with the bronze pendant) with adjustable length.

“Vetruvio architect puts in his work of architecture that the measures of the homo are of nature dislocated in this way. That is, that 4 fingers makes a palm and 4 palms makes a foot; 6 palms makes a cubit, 4 cubits makes a homo , and 4 cubits takes a step, and 24 palms makes a homo, and these measures are his edifices. If you open your legs so much that you chali from chapo 1/14 of your upper rank, and open and raise so much arms that necks long fingers you touch the line of the top of the chapo, know that the center of the limbs of the open limbs is the belligerent and the spatio that is traced between the legs is an equilateral triangle. “These are the words with which Leonardo (Vinci, 1452 – Amboise, 1519) opens the description of the famous Vitruvian Man, in the five lines that are in the upper part of the sheet preserved in Venice. (Source www.finestresullarte.info)

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Bronze, Silver